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   Lafayette Cemetery #1 Tour

    History  &     Location

Lafayette Cemetery #1 was established in 1833 on the site of the former Livaudais Sugar Plantation.

Many of those buried in Lafayette #1 died in epidemics that swept through New Orleans and its suburbs in the 1800's. As a result you will see tablets that state the length of life in detail, e.g., "Jacob J. Wagner departed this life January 4th 1848. Age 33 years 6 months and 4 days."

Lafayette Cemetery holds the remains of citizens from twenty five different countries. The cemetery was never segregated by race, ethnicity, or religious denomination. Click here to see the Hatfields' inventory and index to tombs in Lafayette #1 Cemetery.

In addition to the above ground family tombs, Lafayette has a number of large tombs known as "society" tombs. These are group tombs for members of occupational, ethnic, fraternal, or benevolent associations. Benevolent associations were a way to pool resources, find housing and employment, deal with medical and immigration issues, and provide affordable burial for members and their families.

Movie companies have filmed a number of productions here. They range from the very good to the mediocre. Double Jeopardy, Interview with The Vampire, Skeleton Key and Dracula 2000 are a few of the movies set here.

Click here to watch our own video tribute to the permanent residents of Lafayette Cemetery#1.

   Tour Details

If you'd like you get away from downtown, take a leisurely ride on our city's famous St. Charles streetcar line to this iconic cemetery. For your convenience, we've created a annotated map for you, available above in the Location section.

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