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   Step-On Guides

   Your Bus. Our Guide.

When one of our experienced New Orleans guides steps onto your bus, you will be "off and away" to a memorable trip through New Orleans.

With your own bus, your options are unlimited. You can take a general city tour and choose which areas you want to see. You can include short walking tours of the Garden District, a cemetery; visit churches or synagogues, the lakefront, City Park. Your choices are limited only by the time you allot for the tour.

We set bus tour prices by the hour, not by the number of people on your bus. Whether you charter a bus for your stay here, or come with your own bus, we will help you customize your trip according to the requirements of your schedule.

   Custom Tours

As Step-On guides, we can take you on a city tour incorporating the locations you want to see. We will usually include two or three stops where everyone can get off and tour a location of interest, or not, if you prefer otherwise.

We have two pricing tiers: Standard, and Discount. We will email our pricing schedule at your request.

You must reserve in advance. If you have any questions, or if you're ready to reserve your tour, don't hestitate to contact us at:
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